Our History



Chuksen Engineering Ltd was formed and incorporated in 2016, essentially to provide high quality engineering services and construction materials to meet the yearnings of our people, particularly in our environment, where there is little or no government regulations in the construction industry. Aware that the quality of any product/infrastructure is a function of the quality of its constituent parts, we decided to start our operations with production of construction inputs to ensure that the finished products and services meet the standards or the requirements expected of them. Leveraging on our in-house production of construction materials we ensure we give our clients products and services that are fit – for purpose, safe, and cost effective. Numerous incidents of collapsed infrastructures in Nigeria, often traceable to use of poor/ substandard materials underscores our noble initiative toward reducing the incidents and increase safety and value for money and quality of lives of our people.

Our plan to first develop into a leading construction materials provider of choice, carving a nitch for ourselves, utilizing our concrete products for all our activities is paying dividends as we have metamorphosed into a full – fledged engineering construction company, providing services in all areas of construction, including but not limited to architectural and structural, mechanical and electrical design services, engineering construction and project Management. All these services are provided in a package depending on what the client’s needs. We have made tremendous progress in stamping our brand on the minds of numerous customers on account of our construction/project management excellence, customer-centric services and professionalism.

Athough our company is relatively new, it is composed of staff who have acquired vast EXPERIENCES in field engineering, Coulsulting and PROJECT MANAGEMENT in public and private sectors of the economy and are thus well positioned to handle successfully any challenging engineering projects. A cursory look at the profiles of the key management staff gives insight in their experiences and capabilities.

Company Policy.

To cultivate and maintain consistency and win-win disposition in our dealings with our customers at all times to ensure repeat business necessary for our continuous innovative growth and desired leadership in the industry. We shall give our customers more in use value than they pay us in cash, without compromising the quality and safety of the product or services rendered.

Our Core Competencies.

a) Management team composed of managers and engineers who possess excellent project management skills using modern technologies: soft wares- primavera, auto CAD, Microsoft windows/projects. Etc.

b) State of the art equipment and experienced workforce,

c) Highly developed construction standards and procedures, construction manuals.

d) Sound business development process abilities - innovation, quantification, and orchestration of ideas. A competent management team that has inculcated in their workforce shared vision

e) Ability to meet the standards and obligations desired by our target customers.

f) Continuous education and training to timely close out any spotted competency gaps

g) Customer-centric Company Policy


The Company comprises of four divisions, through which it provides products and servicesd, namely,

  1. Construction materials division.

  2. projects Management division,

  3. Contracting division, and

  4. general Procurement/ Supply division.


We produce construction materials such as: 1) machine vibrated and compacted hollow sandcrete/concrete blocks of varied sizes; 2) Interlocking concrete tiles of varied sizes, designs texture and colour; 3) kerbstones.

    We produce two types of pavement stones – rough or smooth. These tiles come in different sizes ( thickness and shape ranging from 25-50mmmm ( mats), 60mm to 100mm)( rough and smooth) with varied strengths (25Mpa to 45Mpa), colours ( black, white, red, yellow), depending on customer’s taste, and use (compound , walkway, shop/mall, school, hospital, filling station and roads (major and minor), etc. We customize our products to suit customer’s requirements. (see our web site for samples.


    We produce two sizes of blocks - 150mm and 225mm with strength ranging from 1.8N/mm2 (SON minimum requirement for non-load bearing blocks) to 3.5 N/mm2 (load bearing blocks). We use mix-design approach to arrive at these strengths. Basic materials inputs are sand , 3/8 gravel and cement, with mix ratio depending on target strengths to be achieved. The strengths are confirmed through crushing (on Client’s request) in our affiliate reputable approved laboratory (such as UST Lab, PH ).

    The cost/unit price of our blocks depends on type, size and strength requirements, and are available on inquiry, direct or via out web site.

    We produce different sizes, 100 and 150mm thick sizes or as may be specified by Client.


We provide varied services including the following:

  1. Project feasibility, including cost estimates,

  2. Site survey and soil investigations

  3. Scrutiny and co-ordination of designs and drawing work

  4. Estimating, intial planning and budgeting costs

  5. Processing qualification of construction agencies, tendering and awarding contracts to the successful bidders

  6. Designing projects organizations for executing works, developing standard operating procedures and systems

  7. Deveoping detailed construction plans. Project schedules and performance measuring standard

  8. Supervising Work, including administration of contracts and controling project time, cost and quality objectives


General and Building contractors. Chuksen Engineering Ltd. offers complete construction engineering services utilizing its in-house fabricated/manufactured materials for sustainable standard, cost and quality. We focus on buildings with the following 'Use and Occupancies':

  • Residential.

  • Commercial.

  • Industrial.

The company is 'project' oriented wherein each project involves:

  • Renovations.

  • Rehabilitation.

  • Additions.

  • New construction.

Production and installation of construction and landscaping materials, including but not limited to kerbstones (of different types and designs), interlocking tiles/pavestones (smooth and rough textured, of various designs and colours to suit client’s taste), and sandcrete/concrete load bearing and non -load bearing blocks.

Chuksen Engineering Ltd. offers electrical, water supply and sewage disposal services to clients.

Chuksen Engineering Ltd supplies other construction materials, including but not limited to Sharp sand and laterite ( earthfil materials, granite chippings, diesel, engine oil, gas , etc

Brand Promise To enhance the quality of life by providing high quality

Houses/ infrastructures.


Business Model/Service Description

Our company operates as a Private Limited liability company-a franchise prototype Model- a liability company which limits equity holders’ liability to their equity / fixed investments, making it easier to transfer ownership to some other persons/public, enabling the company to maintain its individuality, The model guarantees business continuity and growth as skilled managers are hired, with time, to run the company and raise fund (equity) from investors and long term loans from banks This model has enabled us attract skilled personnel with keen eyes on career excellence, build a business that is system-driven rather than promoters-driven, The system also enables management to focus on leadership issues, policy issues, direction issues, analysis of market trends issues, and seizing of market opportunities issues. This way the company remains on course on its objectives, policy, mission, and vision of building a world- class company that produces goods and services that meet client’s aspirations.


Sales Literature

Target Market

Our target is Indiduals and organizations who provide professional engineering construction services for clients which manage, maintain, and plan for residential, commercial, and industrial type buildings. Our focus is the public sector market (Government and parastatals), multinationals and individuals

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