Interlocking Tiles, sandcrete/concrete blocks, Kerbstones. We manufacture, sell and install all types/designs of interlocking tiles, sandcrete blocks and concrete kerbs.  We maintain a catalogue of interlocking designs or patterns for clients to choose from. With our mobile equipment, we offer on-site manufacture of these products. This strategy eliminates the cost of transportation to site thereby making the products more affordable to customers.


We produce two sizes of blocks - 150mm and 225mm with strength ranging from 1.8 N/mm2 (SON minimum requirement for non-load bearing blocks) to 3.5 N/mm2 (load bearing blocks). We use mix-design to arrive at these strengths. Basic materials inputs are sand, 10mm gravelly sand and cement, with mix ratio depending on target strengths to be achieved. The strengths are confirmed by crushing in our affiliate reputable approved laboratory. The cost/unit price of our blocks depends on type, size and strength requirements, and are available on inquiry, direct or via out web site.


We produce basically two types of pavement stones – rough or smooth. These tiles come in different sizes ( thickness and shape ranging from 25-50mm, 60mm to 100mm)( rough and smooth) with varied strengths (25Mpa to 45Mpa), colours ( black, white, red, yellow), depending on customer’s taste, and use (compound , walkway, shop/mall, school, hospital, filling station and roads (major and minor), etc.

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